Friday, April 10

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

More like one word is worth a thousand pictures, these days.

I love good photography. A brilliant picture can bring me to tears depending on the subject matter. I adorn my walls at the Goddess' lair with some pretty potent copies of moments in time that bring a tug to my heart and a million thoughts to my mind. Our world would be a much duller place without the dreams and visions and memories created by the perfect pictures of our lives and universe.

BUT...(you knew there was a big BUT coming! Hey, don't knock big buts ...grin...)
Why the hell does every single gawd blessed moment of every single political press conference shown as "breaking news" on CNN, HDLN or MSNBC (sorry, I refuse to even consider that other moronic cable news station as anything but a permanent skip in my remote control channel list) become an instant audio battleground. The battle becomes the fight of actually HEARING what is being said over the constant, ridiculous whir buzzz click of countless cameras that are manned by photographers that OBVIOUSLY cannot get a good shot in the first thirty seconds and should probably be in another profession or start stalking some hapless celebrities. COME ON. The people speaking barely MOVE.

How many pictures does one need of our beloved President turning his head slightly to the right or left and oooo, ooo, raising his hand an inch to clarify or magnify his words?

WORDS. You know, the things coming out of his mouth that you can't HEAR because the dayyyyyam photographers NEVER STOP CLICKING.

Honest to Pete...hey, who is this Pete anyway?...take the damn pictures in the first minute, then shut UP with the camera clicks.

With the feed they had this morning on all the news stations, there was a most annoying interference of media click-hounds relentlessly vying for...who the hell knows, the perfect picture of the President sitting almost motionless at a table?...drowning out every second word he was trying to say.


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