Sunday, January 4

Winter Time...Great for a Steamy good...


It's a great time of year (for those of us in the wintrier climes) to do a lot of blanket snuggling. And if the local cable channels choose to be showing an overabundance of decidedly non-chick-flick slash-gash-gore and bloody damn war offerings (ignore my not-so-subtle snark-intended) might still have a need to reach for a good torso tingling bit of Sophisticated Erotica!

Goddesses much prefer the sensuality of entwining limbs than the brutality of fighting/biting/igniting limbs. (though I guess a good erotic romance might involve some serious igniting, just hopefully it would be in the loins not the limbs!)

Ah well, children, cast your eyes elsewhere and enjoy being kids...contrary to popular belief, you WILL grow up eventually and you WILL miss those carefree days. Adults with a need for a more mind tweaking steamy little adventure...please check out my author's site. I am going the route of independently offering my copyrighted, published e-book novels and short stories for purchased download :)

Come give me a look if that is your inclination...and if you happen to BE an author of said sophisticated steamy romantic style stories, write me about posting a possible link in the comments section! We ALL need a little bit of intelligent, thoughtful, sense prodding yumminess in our adult psyches!

(this is NOT an invitation for tacky crap high school wet dreams macho ditzy bimbo porn soaked humpa humpa brainless story links by the way. As a Goddess of my own world, I reserve the right to ignore any such juvenile links or goofball requests!) It's sooo good being a Goddess (La la la)

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