Monday, February 16

Valentine's Shmalentines?

Valentine's Day?

Aren't you supposed to show the people you love that you love them...everyday?

If you need a special calendar day to become a manipulated consumer to show your love, you have more problems than a Hallmark card and an overpriced bouquet of flowers can cure.(and I absolutely adore fresh flowers) is hard to smack at a day meant for showing love.
The more love the better.
The more open showing of it, the less time we have to throw some serious hate around.

But I still think it is a bonehead holiday meant for consumer spenditure. For as much joy as it can create, it can also create some seriously sad feelings.

Noting, of course, that consumer spenditure is a huge part of our country's lifestyle that is essential in getting us out of this frightening, greed-caused recession, anything that would generate consumer dollars being put back into the community is not a bad thing.

Every month has a new consumer reason to spend and keep the cash revolving. It's the American way of keeping that capital spread around. Bottom line, that is good. But I thought the *day* was a bit boneheaded even during the best of times. Too easy an excuse for everyone to forget about showing love and concern every day during the rest of the year.
(oh, and yeah, Cupids realllllly annoy me LOLOL)

Go tell someone you care... every day.
From your heart :)

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