Sunday, April 18

safe haven

I felt so comfy in my new environment here, I fixed a hot little Oregon Chai (sugar-free variety has been a Goddess-send!)and just enjoyed the quiet! Not so great for a blog...but then again, maybe quiet in this world of intense scrutiny and *fill any void with some kind of words that will make you seem interesting/important/invaluable* community isn't such a bad idea.

But an empty blog doesn't really address the purpose for having one, does it?

I am a privacy freak at times. Most times, if I am honest; ferociously (shades of not-so-deeply-hidden paranoia?) protecting my personal and familial rights to stay firmly within my own created world without intruders butting in where they certainly aren't wanted or entitled. Not sure if that is because I am afraid or just stubborn. A good mix of both most likely. And then, on the other side of my psyche, I crave information about how some others tick, what they think, how they view things...and why. The more interesting ones (to me) fascinate to no end.

In order to feed the one need, I must risk exposing the other.

The word Sanctuary, in itself is a huge clue to which need I value the most. But damn, the concept of blogging and the intensely creative atmosphere is irresistable!

Such a dilemma. (chuckling at my self-defeating self.)

Or is it that I am more of a control freak??? (ah, another blog topic...good segue, anyway, for another day.....hey poetry! Another blog topic! )

I'm stopping now.

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